Errol “Mobutu” Reynolds

Errol “Mobutu” Reynolds left Pittsburgh as a young man to work as the percussionist with the guitarist Grant Green. He traveled around the country in the “chitln circuit” playing music for eleven years.

He recorded with George Benson on the “Body Talk” album and with Grant Green on the “Live at Jazz Workshop “ in Boston, and he recorded a gospel album with Reverend Benny Brass.

Errol returned back to Pittsburgh and continued to drum and sculpt wood. He established in an abandoned building in the Hill District, The Archive Institute of Creative Arts (which was renovated by Pittsburgh artists).

The Archive served as a woodshedding studio and an auditorium for writers and had studios for artists, sculptors and musicians. The playwrights August Wilson and Rob Penney, the dancer Bob Johnson and the artist Carl “Dingbat” Smith all frequented the Archive Center.

Errol moved to Atlanta, working as a wood sculptor and art educator and was the Artist in Residence for the Georgia Council of Arts and Humanities. This partnership launched him to become the Western Regional Coordinator for the Eighth Antilles Fair in Martinique. Notables who were participants in the fair were Romare Bearden, Angela Davis, Aime Cesare, and the concert pianist John Ross. “Moe” won an award at the Antilles fair for the best sculpture in the exhibition.

Errol returned to Pittsburgh to care for his ailing mother until she passed. During this time he joined the ironworkers union as a welder and ironworker; constructing buildings, bridges, highways, super-structures, the East-Busway and the subway. He retired from the Ironworkers after many years.

Errol’s artwork along with other Pittsburgh artist provided the ambiance of the Historic Crawford Grill.

He is the Project Manager for the MOKA Art Gallery Project.